Meet our spicy cast!

Starring as the not-so-nice, ungrateful, miserly, cranky cafe owner, and crummy cook, let’s hear it for Chef Burns!!

Booooo booooo…!!!

“Once dey pay, send dem on der way!” -Chef Burns

Starring as the brilliantly bright, sometimes shy, constantly kind, never-not-nice, Princess of Peppercorns, please give it up for Pep!!!

Yaaaaaay, yaaaay,
aaaaat-choooo, Yaaaaay!!

“With the blink of my eyes, I shall give the food a peppery surprise”!
– Pep 

And now the star of our book, the courageous, adventurous, crazily clever, resilient, at times anxious but always awesome, super “Salt of the Earth” kinda guy… Girls and boys, get loud for…SALTY! Whoop whoop…hip hip hooray… Whoop whoop!! “Ain’t dat somethin’?” -Salty

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